Welcome to drazenj.com
Front-End Developer
Interaction Designer

Hi, I am Drazen

Experienced front-end developer and site/interaction prototyper, able to quickly learn new skills and languages as needed. Building in and working on large CMS platforms; like Drupal, CQ5, Wordpress and Escenic.

Specialties: front-end technologies, content management, javascript (jQuery Framework), rapid prototyping solutions (demo/presentation/pitch sites)

About me

As the title states; I am a front-end developer, interaction designer and prototyper from the Netherlands. In 2006 I graduated at the Willem de Kooning (part of University of Rotterdam) as a Bachelor of Applied Science in the field of Multimedia Engineering.

I have worked for different companies since then specialising in different fields each time; from testing to developing sites. In the years that followed I picked up many skills to make myself an allround front-end developer.

Currently I work for Liberty Global as a Technical Producer; this function allows me to develop code (j2ee, html, css, js and whatever else is needed) but also involve myself into the prototyping phase of projects. Reading through documentation and advising product managers whether a third party solution will be usable/implementable or not.


Liberty Global

Technical Producer

Nov 2009 - Present

Assist producers, designers and local affiliates in realizing technical solutions for web products. Be the translator between developers and designers and assist in creating stunning looking websites that work on latest code standards.

For product management help realize interfaces and full web-pages by creating wireframes and providing technical knowledge in the creation process.

On the side I also do hotscripting issues (quickly modify and fix javascript, html and css issues as they arise), provide feedback on legacy sites and help out with video encoding for sites.

S&K Organisatie en Advies

PHP Developer / Webdesigner

Nov 2008 - Oct 2009

Multiple roles concerning PHP such as helping clients install CMS packages (Drupal, Wordpress, ExpressionEnginge and Joomla) and forum software (vBullitin & phpBB). Coding custom components for linking multiple CMS systems and work from a single content repository (both db and cdn).

Making front-end web solutions for our clients. Website proposals, designs and component designs and interaction designs.

KPN Getronics PinkRoccade

Java Application Developer

Nov 2007 - Nov 2008

- Creating new web components based on client needs with JAVA (J2EE).

- Creating AJAX components for interactive content on media sites.

- Maintaining code for Dutch newspaper websites



Feb 2007 - May 2008


ECM Consultant / JAVA Software Developer

Nov 2006 - Oct 2008

Create and test scenarios for login and registration systems for the Dutch IBGroep. IBGroep handles all Dutch and foreign student regristrations and has yearly thousands of students accessing these systems

Code pages with J2EE for the DMS and CMS used by Capgemini and their clients. Provide hotfixes was a daily task.